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with the u.s. department of agriculture say wasp. they are being raised in quarantine in delaware. once released we are told they could destroy up to 80% of the stink bug population. scientist say the wasp don't appear to attack each other. that's beneficial. they hope to be able to release the wasp in 2013. what? 45 degrees right now. winds southwest at 3. light breeze. beautiful day today. lots of blue skies. just gorgeous weather. lights breeze. sunshine everywhere. performing arts school outside of andrews air force base in annapolis. naval academy looking good. little muddy out there. no snow on the ground. temperatures 45 baltimore. 41 dulles. winds have been light through the day. just a little bit of a breeze that will pick up tomorrow night as the winds shift northerly. in the meantime we'll warm up tomorrow. right now highs have been around close to 50. not quite getting there. tomorrow we'll improve those numbers. take you through ann arundel county. shady side 62 tomorrow. forest hill 58. perryman 58 degrees with lots of sunshine. satellite and radar clear up and down the ea
: the case went through the appeals court. we got the final answer from the u.s. supreme court. justice in favor of the church. many don't agree with their message, the members of the church are protected. there was one defending vote. tonight at 11:00, snider's reaction to the decision and what comes next. >>> no doubt, this is our hot topic. did the high court make the right call when it comes to protestors and military funerals. >>> the base realignment going on may be making it time to realign our thinking. the jobs are slowly coming. we have thousands out of work still. we have more on how harford is waiting for what they've been promised. >> reporter: signs like this one advertise jobs in aberdeen are few and far between. harford county reached a new high with 11,000 out of work. this electrician is still looking for work. >> it's tough. i've been looking for a job for at least a year. i'm an electrician, experienced and no one wants to hire nobody. >> reporter: the promise of new jobs may ring hollow to 7.5%. economic leaders have numbers of their own. >> we have 3800 jobs filled
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2